Sunday 21 June 2009

The Edison gets an outing

I was very pleased to be able to don the new Edison topper this weekend at the New Babbage Illusions White Themed ball. For the rest of my outfit, I decided the emphasis should be rather more on the punk than the steam. So it was on with the Panjen glamgoth skin, white Kin freebie hair, tattered Ghost dress, and Tesla white framed sunglasses. 

I really like to accessorise steampunk outfits with sunglasses. It always brings to mind that surreal scene in Tim Burton's Sweeney Todd, where Mrs Lovett is daydreaming about an idyllic day out at the beach, herself and Mr Todd eccentrically dressed in bathers and round framed sunglasses. I love a hint of surreal modernity in period costumes.

And the perfect finishing touch to this pale melée? 
A white boa - of the constrictor variety naturally!

Wearable albino boa constrictor, with blinking eyes and flicking tongue, by Meissa Thorne. 
My black wooly shrug - a new and inseparable favourite item - 
a Curio Obscura freebie, just the back and upper arms worn!

 Me and Tyger on the steps at Piermont Landing during the ball.

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