Sunday, 12 April 2009

Bunnykins, the Easter Rabbit

Bunnykins was meant to be a kind of grungy, dishevelled, forlorn looking creature, but, even though he has drawing pin eyes, and his limbs are only just staying on, he still ended up looking terribly cute. I gave him as an Easter gift to all the Atelier Eccentrics today, on top of a brown felt top hat. He has a dirty calico body, grubby flower fabric lined ears and paws, and pink sculpty buttons. Of course, a snowy-white fluffy tail finishes him off.

His faded pastel colours put me in mind of an outfit I made long ago, and had quite forgotten about, but since it is Easter, I dug it out from the back of my wardrobe. Here I am with our giant brown bunny from HPMD, in a nubbly knitted waistcoat with Victorian miniature portrait buttons, a pink floral ditsy blouse, and foxglove print, mustard skirt. 

Too many Easter eggs, too early in the day, have a lot to answer for.