Wednesday, 17 March 2010

St Patrick's day at Atelier

In my opinion, there isn't quite enough 'special days', and so, St Patrick's Day is a festivity that I like to acknowledge, if not necessarily celebrate, after all, I cannot boast to be of Irish descent. It's possibly got something to do with the colours, and definitely something to do with the shamrocks - all that lush greenery after a dull old winter.

This year, visitors to Atelier can celebrate St Patrick's Day in style in one of my charming Tiny Toppers, a bargain at 75L, and complete the look with a shamrock choker - a snip at 45L. Additionally, this year I have a limited number of shamrock trees, which I have patiently cultivated and now am able to offer to all at 50L. Just three prims a-piece, they can be planted in the garden, or shrunk down and shoved in a pot for the parlour, they make a welcome change from aspidistras!

Happy St Patrick's Day!