Tuesday, 19 May 2009

The Edison Topper

This week, my dear friend Miss Breezy Carver sent me a request for a new summer hat. She's been wearing my Tesla Topper all winter, and I've been so pleased to see her in it in a number of snaps on the New Babbage Ning. Her request was to have a Tesla Topper but in white. However, rather than re-hash the Tesla Topper, I asked Breezy if there were any other inventors she would like to personify in top hat form. She gave me some suggestions, and so, the next day I began work on a new Tribute Topper devoted to the work of Mr Thomas Edison.

The hat itself is made of a silvery white damask, with a smoky lace band, with a tiny detailed rendition of Mr Edison's incandescent lamp glowing on the brim. With the addition of some vintage electrical flex, three copper buttons and a flourish of copper fuse wire, the new hat was complete!

I gave the hat to Breezy today and she was delighted, and, I too am very pleased to have a brand new Tribute Topper in the collection at Atelier.

Above, Breezy in her new summer topper, plus, Mr Thomas Edison, and his incandescent lamp: In 1879, using low current electricity, a carbonized filament and a vacuum sealed globe, Thomas Edison first produced a reliable and long lasting light source.

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